Frequently asked questions

Can my child get hurt doing martial arts?

The martial arts are an extremely safe activity. Because of the way our program is taught, most situations that can cause injuries are entirely eliminated. In fact, many studies have shown that because of the emphasis on control, martial arts is one of the safest activities around. From the beginning to the end of the class, we keep a sharp eye on everything that goes on. Of course, like in any contact sport, occasional bumps and bruises are possible, but we work our hardest to make sure that they are very rare.

Can my child still participate in martial arts if they are not very athletic?

The answer is a definite yes. In fact, the martial arts are exactly for these type of children. In organized sports like little league or soccer, much of the activity revolves around team performance, and the rules of the game. Naturally, some children catch on quicker than others, leaving the less experienced kids sitting out. This creates a vicious cycle, until eventually, their self-esteem suffers and they don't feel like playing. In our martial art program every child is given individual attention, and has an opportunity to shine in a variety of areas. Each child can comfortably progress at his or her own pace, without feeling left out. We have a saying in our school, "there are absolutely no bench warmers in our family."

Are the martial arts fun?

To put it simply, it is the most fun you can have in any physical ativity, anywhere. If you watch one of our classes, you will see how our instructors are masters at blending education and entertainment. We camouflage what would normally be seen as hard work (like exercise) into playful, game-like movements. And, it doesn't matter if it’s a child or adult program. All our classes are a blast, and everyone has the time of their life, but more than that, martial arts are inspiring and life changing, from the mental to the physical. What could be more fun that?

What are the benefits of martial arts training?

The benefits are too numerous to list them all, but a few common goals that people have when joining a martial arts program are: Learning self-defense skills Increased self-confidence & self-esteem Staying active & losing weight Improving strength and conditioning Increasing coordination & flexibility Improving mental focus & memory Harmony between mind, body, and spirit Internal strength & peace Managing stress through exercise Increased energy levels Learning progressively (in steps) in a structured and disciplined environment Earning a black belt. :D Martial arts is a whole-body workout which also challenges the mind and spirit. Whatever your goals are, we can help you meet and exceed them!

Are the martial arts good for little girls, young teenage girls, and women?

The answer for this one is absolutly yes! We have a good blend of girls and boys in our martial arts classes! Some people think that the boys are much more coordinated and capable. We throw all those stereotypes out with the garbage. Our girls are capable, tough, strong and lethal warriors.

Will Martial Arts make my kid violent?

No way! In fact, martial arts makes kids calmer and more respectful than ever. Martial arts always has been about peace, and it always will be.

What level of fitness is required for Martial Arts?

People come to East West Okinawan Karate at all fitness levels. We get natural-born athletes, and we get people who have not participated in athletic endeavors. However, everyone grows in skill as they progress in their practice of karate.




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