The instructors and staff at East West Okinawan Karate are committed to carrying on the lessons and tradition of the martial arts through the instruction of Okinawan Seibukai Goju-Ryu karate-do. Okinawan Goju-Ryu, founded by Chojun Miyagi, is a complete system of karate which includes a wide variety of self-defense techniques.


Our goal is to teach character development, positive self-esteem, respect, and discipline, as well as, to promote good mental and physical health through the martial arts.


We believe that karate can be for everyone, regardless of age, size, race or gender, and we treat everyone who enters the dojo and joins the class as a future black belt!


At East West Okinawan Karate we are truly passionate about karate and are dedicated to making each and every student’s experience here positive and in many cases,


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Chojun Miyagi Sensei


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